Mysterious figures Alice and Bob communicating over RSA encrypted channels.

RSA encrypted messaging application

Understanding RSA Encryption: Security and Vulnerability in Networks

Image of a laptop showing the first version of the extension

BibTeX fetcher for VS Code

Building a BibTeX manager extension for VS code

Image of Morten Helgaland, Matthias Schedel, Maroof Mushtaq holding a picture of Bikash Agrawal and Antorweep Chakravorty

Nutrient runoff prediction

Hackathon Experience: Winning "Hack the Climate" Challenge

Image of a laptop showing the second version of the BibTeX extension

BibTeX fetcher "Supercharged"

Updating and enhancing the BibTeX fetcher to V2

Image showing a group of people standing in a circle around a network of floating objects.

POA transaction application

Building a Proof of Authority Blockchain in python