Here is what AI thinks about me:

In UIS at Stavanger,
A student of great renown,
Is Matthias Schedel,
Whose studies knows no bound.

A 25-year-old computer whiz,
His passion for data science is hard to miss,
As he delves deep into the world of code,
His mind always exploring, never slowed.

With a laptop in hand and a curious mind,
Matthias is always pushing to find,
The answers to questions both great and small,
Through numbers, statistics, and algorithms in a hall.

As he works late into the night,
His mind races at the speed of light,
Crafting new solutions, finding new ways,
To help us see our data in brighter rays.

With his mind focused and his heart true,
Matthias Schedel is a data pioneer, it's true,
And we can't wait to see what he'll create,
In the exciting field of data, his fate.

So here's to Matthias, our computer science king,
A shining example of what it means to be daring,
We're all excited to see where you'll go,
As you continue to innovate and grow.

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